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Why Choose us

1.Factory Ownership.                                                                             2.Close to Airport.

All products are tested under our own QC,                                                   Our marketing center is located in Baiyun

making sure that they conform with SGS                                                     District of Guangzhou, close to the Airport.

standard. We position our products for medium                                         So we delivery more fast. And we have a

And high-end buyers. By comparison with the                                             VIP reception room for our visitors.

same products offered by our competitors,

we have better prices.

3.OEM ODM welcome                                                                             4.Promotional Campaigns Year-Round.

We support OEM/ODM for Every new                                                         As a rule in our company, every customer

formulas, colors, dispatch packaging,                                                           who buys our cosmetic products will

product containers, color swatches,                                                             receive our furniture products free of charge.

and overall product design.

5.Complete Service.                                                                                  6. Free Hotel.

We have full-time interpreters who speak                                                     30 minutes’ drive from Pazhou Exhibition

Russian, Spanish, or English. They could be                                                   Center, one could arrive at the hotel owned

assigned to accompany and help our customers                                           by our company. We offer the

to tour around local markets, if needed.                                                         accommodation to our customers for free.

7.Abundant capital.                                                                                   8.Professional management

With it, it's possible for us to warehouse                                                         4000 square meters, accommodates more

product bottles for regular customers,                                                           than 100 workers, and is in possession

ensuring a prompt delivery later.                                                                   of a professional R&D Lab.

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